Meeting topics for Thursday July 19th 2018

  • Anybody up for a session on Linux command line tips and tricks?

    I’d also be willing to talk about and host a daily or weekly email with Linux one-liners – “one line” commands that do interesting and cool things. It’d be fun to make it so others could contribute to it as well…


  • Given intent to “balance” less experienced Linux users with more, command line information (especially to care for one’s system) may be useful. It might help, however, to make a PDF “cheat sheet” available in case copious notes fail…Thanks.

  • Nice idea for a topic, opening up a gist or in the style of the “awesome” lists would be well… awesome, to keep a record of all the emailed one liners. @see

  • Those known as “beginner” or “less experienced” may not normally refer to sites like github for a cheat sheet. Put ourselves in the user’s shoes; that is, if same is the target audience to reach. If this is the “official site”??

  • Hey @techgirl, I’m pretty sure the github link @harps116 referred to was just an example, not anything endorsed by this group (if there even is such a thing as a “group endorsement”). I concur with previous suggestions that a printed cheat sheet of tools and commands that are built-in to most Linux systems would be a good way for those less experienced users to ease into using the command line.

    I’ll try to put something togethe and bring copies to the meeting Thursday (July 19). Then we can all add to it as we all learn more.

  • Perfect compromise thank you. All I’m reminding is if the group does wish to mix experience levels, reduce the urge for some to walkaway in fear … ;-)

  • @dxklann Thanks for the demo. I forgot to mention the utility ''peek" which is really nice for capturing screen actions as gifs. Here’s the link:

  • Thanks for that, @harps116! I forgot to mention it too! Peek is what I used to create those screen capture sessions. It’s awesome!

    Though I think I should have used gifsicle to optimize the GIF images after the Peek captures. The GIFs were so large that they were bogging my laptop down…

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