April Meeting is on Thursday the 19th at the Food Co-op

  • Hi everyone,

    We’ll be meeting on Thursday evening starting at 6:00 in the upstairs meeting room of The People’s Food Co-op in La Crosse. Entrance with stairs and elevator to the second floor is on 5th Street.


    We will postpone the presentation on NextCloud, as the people who wanted to speak on this topic won’t be available this month.

    Instead Bob will be presenting on Scuttlebutt, which is a decentralized social network.

    alt text

    Here’s what Bob shared about it on the Google Group:

    Actually, if you want to do a scuttlebutt install-fest, I might want
    to do a little preparation.

    Here’s what it’s about:

    You could install before the meeting if you want, but it’s fairly
    quick to install:

    The prep is for step 3 where they tell you to “Go to the list of pub
    servers and get an invite code from one.”

    That’s been very difficult lately. I would want to check around
    tomorrow before the meeting and make sure somebody has a pub with
    invitations ready to go.

    If we get to the meeting, you’ll be able to see all the local
    scuttlers on wifi anyway and I can probably find a pub invite on the
    spot. But would be better to arrange something beforehand.

    Don’t worry if none of this is understandable except for the first
    couple of links, which I hope are. And as always, if nobody wants to
    do this, it’s ok with me. I’m coming to the meeting anyway.

    I look forward to seeing you there!

    – Matthew from Orange Computer

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