Pitching in for meeting space costs

  • In the mailing list, @Matthew wrote:

    Orange Computer was
    sponsoring the cost of the new meeting place, which we can continue to do.
    However, it’d be great to have a few people pitch in some cash to cover that
    cost (one person was already doing that).

    I seldom make it to the meetings, but I consider LcLug to be an important regional resource, so I would like to contribute to the meeting space. How can I do that from afar? I’ll do whatever is easiest.

    Also, how much does it cost per meeting?

  • The People’s Food Co-op charges $40 per meeting for the space. I’ve been pitching in to help Matthew with the cost. If we all tossed in a few bucks per meeting it would only cost each of us a beer/cup of coffee/[your favorite vice here] each. I really like the space: it’s convenient and it’s a good place to get a quick and/or good meal before the meetings.

  • This post is deleted!

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